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“Give me your Special Request contest”

Must be a Country music fan
Fill out the online contest page
Make sure to tell us which CD you would like, should you be a winner, we want to know what to send you
You can play as many times as you wish
Must be 18 years and older to play.  Winner will be contacted via e-mail
The winner information will be posted on our website and Facebook page

Make your special request here!


1st winner: Valentine’s Day – Darrell McKay

Hi Gilles

Thank You from a winner of your contest.. My prize choice was for any CD from Brian Mallery.  I enjoy his singing range and he exemplifies New Brunswick country; but most of all ‘Thank You’ for being a part of a Great Country Station.  I have a new favourite country station to listen to: SFC Radio Saloon. 

Darrell - St Pons, NB

Good afternoon Darrell,
You are our Valentine’s winner of a CD from Brian Mallery.
I have contacted Brian who is just returning from Nashville after recording his 8th album and he will gladly autograph a CD and send it to you.  The CD is on its way.
Again congratulations and thank you for listening to SFC Radio Saloon. 

from Gilles the station Sherriff and host of our morning show: NashGilles 


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