SFC Radio Saloon


The station is going off air at Midnight, September 18th. 2017.
Thanks to all our tens of thousands of loyal listeners from over 177 countries.  
Thanks for the memories.
May our Country roads cross again someday.

ID - STATION - different types of Country.mp3

I found this radio station and have been listening to it for about 2 wks now - just had to let you know it is on ALL the time.  Love Brian Mallery show, love the bilingual aspect, and hearing Maritime artists (whose recordings are top notch btw … they sound like they should - professional musicians) and I love the Ladies Country too ... the whole thing really …

Kris - Kitchener
Thank You from a winner of your contest.. My prize choice was for any CD from Brian Mallery.  I enjoy his singing range and he exemplifies New Brunswick country; but most of all ‘Thank You’ for being a part of a Great Country Station.  I have a new favourite country station to listen to: SFC Radio Saloon. 

Darrell - St Pons, NB

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